These kids are so talented and enthusiastic, but more than that, they are quality people. Courteous, respectful, kind, playful are just some of the descriptive words that come to mind. I am proud to have CRMD as my peers and as my friends.

Bear Miller, Denver area Square Dance caller extraordinaire

Continuing in the tradition of exhibition square dance groups starting in the 1930's with Lloyd Shaw's Cheyenne Mountain Dancers and several later college groups, including Calico and Boots at the University of Colorado, the Colorado Rocky Mountain Dancers present a program of spectacular, high flying, intricate and fast paced squares, lovely waltzes, and twinkling two-steps. Their youthful enthusiasm, colorful long skirts, cowboy shirts and boots, blended with western hoedown music, make a toe-tapping, exhilarating combination that catches up the audience in its spell.

Based in the Denver-Boulder area, with leadership from Peggy and Mitch Pingel who have extensive long term experience in American dance and music, this group provides interested young people with a unique coeducational opportunity to learn and perform American dance.

As a founding member of the Lloyd Shaw Foundation, I recommend and support this exciting group of young people who continue to demonstrate to others the joy and beauty of our American dances.

John W. Bradford

Sunday night there was a FANTASTIC display of traditional dance forms. I've heard dance described (in general) as poetry in motion. This was an amazing display of dance and if I lived in Colorado, I know where I'd be dancing. Watching this display was worth the price of the convention. In a word, it was fantastic.

Stephen Cole, Callerlab member, about a CRMD performance

CRMD is an awesome group of young people and I am proud to have been associated with them throughout the years. I have learned many lessons from them and look forward to many more. I am ever so thankful they won't slow down dancing just for me!

Marion Moreland, President CRMD

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