Gingham Dress

The gingham dress uses a gingham fabric with 1/4 squares, and a matching solid color. Choose the darkest gingham you can find and if there is more than one possible matching solid, choose the darkest one. (Lighter colored, pastel ginghams tend to wash out from a distance and appear white)

In the solid fabric, 2 yards are needed.
In the gingham fabric, 7 1/2 yards are needed.
If the skirt length is less than 36 inches you can subtract 1/2 yard from the gingham.
If your dancer is not yet finished growing, add 1 1/3 yards to the gingham total.

A cotton/polyester blend will always be better than straight cotton, especially when it comes time to iron the dress.

You will also need matching thread and a matching 22 inch zipper, and a 1 yard of 1/4 elastic. The thread should match the solid color. The zipper should match the dress.

Always prewash the fabric and run it through the drier before cutting and sewing to allow the fabric to shrink before use.

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