Godet Dress

The godet (go day) dress uses a solid color and a coordinating pattern fabric with floral or some other natural pattern (no rodeo riders or cowboy boots, etc.) The solid must be a true, clear color from the red, green, blue or purple color families. The pattern designs should be at least an inch in diameter, not so tiny as to fade into solid from a distance. The pattern may be one way or two way. A two way fabric will appear essentially the same whether it is aligned up or down (flower blossoms or paisleys). A one way pattern will appear upside down if turned upside down (flowers with stems or butterflies). Whether the pattern is one way or two way will affect the amount of fabric needed.

In the solid fabric, 8 1/2 yards is needed.
In the pattern fabric, 4 1/2 yards are needed for a one way pattern and 4 yards are needed for a two way pattern.
If the skirt length is less than 36 inches you can subtract 1/2 yard from both of these amounts.

A cotton/polyester blend will always be better than straight cotton, especially when it comes time to iron the dress.

You will also need matching thread and a matching 18 inch zipper. Both of these should match the solid color.

Always prewash the fabric and run it through the drier before cutting and sewing to allow the fabric to shrink before use.

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