Why Should I or Someone I Know Join CRMD

Square Dancing has many desired benefits, especially in a youth group. For example. . .

Square Dancing is cooperative

Many youth activities, especially active ones such as sports, emphasize competition and individual achievement. Square Dancing was chosen by Cheyenne Mountain School District Superintendant Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw as an activity where teamwork and group achievement are most important, as well as an activity where boys and girls can participate equally. Members of CRMD learn to rely on teammates, to communicate, to work with others towards common goals, and to help each other when needed.

Square Dancing is high-energy

As a youth group, CRMD performs their dances almost 50% faster than most modern square dancers, and their dances usually last longer than an average "casual" square dance. This means that dancing with CRMD provides a workout comparable to many sports such as volleyball, softball, or basketball.

Square Dancing is challenging

Dancers must learn to recognize calls as they are spoken and perform them correctly in the alloted amount of time. Performance dancers also memorize routines. In addition to these basic challenges, many of our members increase the difficulty by changing parts, cutting in and out of dances, learning the "plus" or "advanced" levels of square dancing, or by learning new formations such as the "hex" dancing, where familiar calls change their movements. No matter what level of mental stimulation you seek, CRMD has something for you.

Square Dancing is also physically challenging. In addition to burning calories, members gain stamina, increase their coordination, and gain strength. Further more, 90% of our members can tell their left hand from their right!

Square Dancing is social

CRMD is a great place for kids to meet people their own age with similar interests. Because you're always dancing with different people, everybody knows everyone else. As mentioned above, square dancing is one of few physical activities in which boys and girls are on equal footing. Plus, gals dig guys who dance.

All of the above reasons are great arguments for joining CRMD. But the reason all of us remain part of the group boils down to one fact:

Square Dancing in FUN!!

A challenge working with "Teens and Twenties" is that they grow up! Members accept scholarships to out of state universities or join the military or just move into a different phase of their lives. While we are proud of them and their accomplishments, it does leave us with a constant need to find new dancers.

Dancing is not a prerequisite, we can teach that piece. What is required is a desire for hard work when we need to, regular attendance, a willingness to take a road trip (or a plane ride), commitment that comes with any team sport and the desire to have fun.

For further information about participating as a member of the CRMD, contact Peggy Pingel at 303-829-5202 or use our Contact Information page.

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